Faculties & Traits


Faculties: Attributes are the seven universal qualities that all characters possess. Stats are numerical values that are derived from a character's attribute and discipline ranks. Disciplines represent a character's specific areas of study and training. Professions are careers and occupations that are geared toward earning a livelihood (other than through adventuring).

  • Accuracy (no derived stats): Melee Precision, Ranged Precision, & Spell Precision
  • Charisma (Fortitude): Intimidation, Investigation, Mysticism, & Persuasion
  • Dexterity (Defense): Agility, Flying (Flight Speed), Running (Run Speed), Stealth, & Swimming (Swim Speed)
  • Endurance (Resilience): Constitution, Perseverance, & Toughness
  • Intellect (Concentration): Creature Lore, Healing, Social Knowledge, Sorcery, & Tinkering
  • Perception (Notice): Appraisal, Awareness, Geomancy, Initiative, Survival, & Tracking
  • Strength (Brute Force & Encumbrance Factor): Climbing, Jumping, & Might
  • Common Professions: Alchemist, Animal Trainer, Cook, Enchanter, Farmer, Gladiator, Merchant, Musician (also used for bardic songs), Sailor, Soldier, Tailor, Taxidermist, & many more

Traits: Disadvantages are a character's negative traits, which grant additional character points when selected. Creeds are optional belief systems that affect how a character's thinks and behaves. Advantages are a character's positive traits, which cost character points but grant access to specialized training, magical powers, and other unique abilities. The following examples are just a tiny sampling of the vast number of traits that are available:

  • Disadvantages: Alcoholic, Blind, Child, Cruel, Delayed Initiative, Do-gooder, Elder, Greedy, Impulsive, Less Health, Lycanthropy, Magical Deficiency, Merciful, Multiple Personalities, Obese, Ostentatious, Proper, Strange, Vampirism, & Violent
  • Creeds: Knight, Noble, Priest, Templar, Warden, & others according to your group's particular campaign
  • Advantages: Armor Expertise, Bard, Blood Magic, Cleric, Combo Attacks, Dodge, Drunken Master, Enchanted Companion, Fearsome Fighting, Healing Surge, Illusionist, Lip Reading, Piercing Shot, Psychic Awareness, Repel Undead, Shadow Weaver, Shockwave, Spellcasting (six different types), Venomist, & Witch