Round 0

Instructions: Begin by entering the data for each combatant. Each player character (PC) should be entered individually. Non-player characters (NPCs) can either be entered individually or together as a group if they share the same faculties.

Pressing the Add Combatants button creates a new box for each combatant or group and expands the list. Complete each box by entering a name, Perception rank and die, total modifier (combining Perception and Initiative modifiers), and trait condition if a combatant possesses either the Quick Initiative advantage or Delayed Initaitive disadvantage.

The other buttons work as follows:

  • Next Round: Generates a new initiative order for all combatants and increases the Round counter by 1.
  • Reset Rounds: Resets the Round counter to 0.
  • Clear NPCs / Clear All: Deletes all NPCs (colored backgrounds).
  • Clear All: Deletes all combatants, including PCs (white backgrounds).
  • Save to File: Allows the current initiative setup to be saved as a text file. This is particularly useful for saving the standard PC lineup between game sessions, but remember to update any changes to characters' Perception and Initiative ranks/modifiers. Note that this function may not be available on all devices and platforms.
  • Load from File: Loads the current initiative file identified in the browse panel. Note that a valid initiative text file must be loaded in the browse panel beforehand.
  • Browse: Allows you to browse for and select an initiative text file.
  • Delete: Deletes the corresponding combatant.