News & Updates

Module & GM Screen [Apr. 4, 2017]: We're very excited to announce the release of the game's first module, Festival of Fortune, along with the GM Screen and the free Creatures & Monsters Pack. Additionally, to help celebrate we're making the digital version of the updated Vexith Core Rulebook free until April 7th, and all physical copies of the core rulebook are 25% off!

First Video Review [Nov. 3, 2015]: The core rulebook's first video review has been posted by Abraham Zetina of Talking About Games! The video can be viewed here.

Vexith Q&A [Sept. 17, 2015]: Dan Davenport, the host of the #rpgnet chat room, held a Q&A session for the Vexith RPG. We had a really great time and were able to answer a lot of questions about the game and its rules. A link to the log of the session can be viewed here. Special thanks goes out to Dan for giving us this wonderful opportunity!