What is the Vexith?


MYSTERY: Extending deep beneath the surface of the world of Arlakor, perhaps even to its very core, is a dungeon so vast that its full expanse eludes mortal comprehension. Known simply as the Vexith, it has existed since time immemorial and seemingly predates even the most ancient of historical events, including the arrival of the gods themselves. Despite whatever manner of intelligence or force of will is ultimately responsible for the dungeon’s creation and perpetual upkeep its true purpose remains unknown.

CHAOS: The Vexith is as unpredictable as it is magical. Confusing puzzles and deadly traps fill its numerous chambers and winding corridors, which are themselves known to change over time. New entrances appear in unexpected places and those that have existed for centuries sometimes disappear without a trace. The dungeon’s myriad of levels and mazelike passageways are home (or prison) to countless denizens, both civilized and savage, many of whom are unable to recall exactly how they got there in the first place.

ADVENTURE: There is no greater promise of riches, fame, and power than what can be found within the Vexith, but the degree of danger that must be undertaken to attain such rewards is more than most are willing to risk. Few adventurers who choose to brave its depths return unscathed, and many never return at all. Of those who do, some are lucky enough to bring back great treasures for their efforts, and even those who are less fortunate probably have at least a few intriguing stories to recount at the local tavern.